Get to Know Me

Hi, that’s me, Adam Spiel on your left. I’m not a typical handyman. Since I started Go To Guy in 2015, I’ve done some unusual things for people.

A former NJ resident who moved to San Francisco liked the bread pudding at a restaurant here so much, he called me up and had me drive to Cedar Grove, pack the bread pudding in dry ice, and drive it over to FedEx to ship it across the country by the next morning.

I’ve cleaned out storage units for clients, thus eliminating monthly rental fees they’d been paying.

I once drove 30 miles to a bagel shop to pick up a woman’s purse that she had left behind while passing through NJ on her way home to Pittsburgh. The bagel shop wouldn’t send it to her, BUT I DID!

My homeowner-friendly set of skills and resourcefulness will save you time, money and aggravation. I’ll bang out those small jobs that no one else will bother with or call you back on (hang a few pictures/change light bulbs), and I have no minimum charge. Everything I mention here I DO MYSELF. References provided upon request.