Go To Guy is the trusted source for your household needs and everyday to-do lists.
Serving Northern New Jersey
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A unique, customized service which provides great value and satisfying results.

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What kind of people use “Go To Guy”?

  • Busy families  working parent(s), driving kids around to activities, never enough time to get caught-up
  • Professional couples with hectic schedules travel/working long hours and never time to spend together
  • Senior citizens helping you with “aging-in-place” issues, transport to doc appts., run errands & more
  • Selling your home packing help, cleaning & organizing, assistance with staging
  • Just moved in – boxes strewn everywhere, new furniture being delivered, need window treatments hung, etc.
  • Single parent/divorcee – offering a plethora of services to ease the burden; customized for your situation
  • Adults with elderly parent(s) – they no longer drive & now require assistance to keep living in their home
  • Post-medical procedure – you just had a disabling surgery and cannot get around like before
  • Business/EE’s who need Microsoft Excel help –  Go To Guy is your Excel GURU (macros/pivot tables/lookups)